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Author: Sissy Screens

Queer Elders: Crystal Love

Queer Elders: Crystal Love: Video Series (Trailer)

“What is a heterosexual world? For me, it’s living my life, it’s for me to be who I am. But I couldn’t because my indigenous people were forced to embrace white culture. In indigenous culture it wasn’t frowned upon, people were part of culture, hunting groups and singing groups, groups where you could come together and say “Yes, I can do it.” It was a group that would not let someone down.”

‘Elders’ is a series exploring the histories of LGBTQIA+ pioneers currently in production. To be updated when the entire episode is online please subscribe here via our about page or follow us on instagram.

PRODUCER & DIRECTOR: Sissy Screens & Crystal Love
COLOURIST: Chris Tompkins
SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Jenn Leonforte