'Firsts' Video Series: Carlos' First Heartbreak — Sissy Screens
Author: Sissy Screens

Firsts: Carlos

Firsts: Carlos: First Heartbreak

‘Firsts’ is a collaborative and uncensored portrait documentary series detailing a queer subject’s first experience of their choosing. In this episode, dancer Carlos Estrada explores his first love affair, and subsequent heartbreak, through freestyle movement.

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PRODUCER: Sissy Screens
DIRECTOR & DOP: Alex Cardy
COLOURIST: Kali Bateman
SOUND DESING & MIX: Lachlan Harris

"I had fallen hard for him but at the same time I was freaking out because I honestly didn’t know what the fuck I was doing and neither did he. It was the blind leading the blind."

"I never really had guidance from my parents or family when it came to dating as most of my family have a religious background. Dating was a taboo until you were ready to marry a girl."

"I cried everything out for hours and I think that was my goodbye to him. I had been through enough. I cried till I fell asleep and woke up for the new day."