Beach Boys: Sara Sousa Explores Male Vulnerability — Sissy Screens

Beach Boys

Beach Boys: Sara Sousa

Based in Portugal, Sousa’s photographs focus on the abstractness that can be discovered in human bodies and elements from nature.

These selected photographs from her series Beach Boys and Flora offer an escape into nature, and feature models, dancers (and friends) Lukanu Mpasy and Angelino Correia. Being open to improvisation and encouraging interaction with the landscape around them, the playfulness of the images is a reflection of the pair’s spontaneous and instinctual movements.

Shot on film, both series are fun, minimal and intimate. The royal blue skies and soft yellow sand highlight the bodies’ effortless and dreamlike movement. Faces and bodies are captured through bold colour, contrast and shadows.

With aesthetic being the driving force behind the images, the images play with the juxtaposition of the models, their faces, their bodies, with the mirror, the sand and the sky.

For more of Sara’s work at see her website here.